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Three Online Entrepreneurs Reveal...

How Entrepreneurial Women Like You 
Can Radically Change Your Vibration! Activating Abundance & Success In All Areas Of Your Life! In 7 days!

The 7 day FEM Experience! 
 Create a successful future!

The ’The FEM Experience’ will give you clarity on your passions in life and the tools & techniques to activate them. It will demonstrate opportunities for you to increase financial freedom, while you take the journey of a stronger you.

Designed so that on day #4 you get to create the money you paid to do the FEM Experience back online!

F.E.M. combines philosophy, quantum physics & mastering vibration & mindset. With proven business methods & tools to help women achieve a stronger tomorrow for themselves. Delivered in a super cool interactive manner!





The Struggle Is Real......

We know you have the spirit of an entrepreneur!

Or you wouldn't be here reading this!

We also know, like us, you have probably tried a few different things in your time.  We have! from 'direct sales to dancing on tables'  (well not professionally)

Why does it seem that when you are doing everything everyone else is, they seem to be.........

Travelling to exotic locations
Working 3 hours a day
Super excited to jump out of bed each day
Doubling their income every couple of months

Yet everything is still a struggle for you.

Or perhaps you are still in the dreaded 'trading time for income' trap!!

We have been there!

Until we created The FEM Experience!  

We are so excited to share this with you!

The keys to success are 'Community' 'Purpose' and 'Automation' and we have all that!

The 7 days entrepreneurial training is second to none!  The concept behind 'The FEM Experience' pure genius!

'Our Mission is to help 1,000 women to financial freedom by Dec 2020'


Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely at times.  With FEM however you will never walk alone.  
The FEM Team and the wider community are an inspired group of women all supporting each other to greatness.  At anytime there will be someone to reach out to.
Gain inspiration, share knowledge and have the support of your fellow female entrepreneurs!


Your business may not be your passion in life.  Creating an online business may not be your 'life purpose' 

Having an online business will allow you the freedom and finance to follow your passion.
This is the ONE THING that will allow you to generate an income anywhere, anytime and allow you to go fulfil your life purpose!


Automation is the KEY TO FREEDOM!  To have an online business that runs in the background generating income for you is total freedom. 

 No longer are you locked into set times or a set place to work from.  With the FEM system we have taken AUTOMATION to the next level.  Be free to travel to all those exotic locations you have dreamt of!

What Some Previous Students Have To Say...

Once you have completed 'The FEM Experience' you get lifetime access to this incredible training for FREE!

Do the training and receive stand alone value for the 7 days!

On day #4 we show you how to generate the money you paid to do the experience online.

On day #7 we will release to you the SECRET behind how you can launch your automated online business immediately for a 5 6 & 7 figure income!

What Would It Be Like If You Could
Live A Life Of Total Freedom?


Waking up without an alarm.

Choosing what to do with your day.

Imagine working on a beach anywhere in the world... OR working from bed in your PJ's all day (we do both 😉)

Imagine a life where you no longer have to worry and you have enough to do anything you want, and the time freedom to do it! 

Imagine spending only a few hours online to run your business to fund this lifestyle!

Now imagine not having to re-invent to wheel to get a successful business online! 

And the cherry on top? 

You're impacting millions of people in a positive way with your connections with FEM.

This is what we have been able to create in our lives, and we've created FEM to help you do the same.


We Have The Secret To An Automated Business Online
& we can help you learn the same entrepreneurial skills, 
so you can live the amazing life you desire.

Meet Your Guides


We have the unique position of having two of the founders being world acclaimed personalities in the spiritual fields and having studied vibration and quantum success along with many healing and mediumship techniques. 

We also have on our team a management consultants specialising in transformational change. Ferne has worked on a high level consulting capacity to world leading corporations like Deloite, KPMG and a host of others.

We have the ability to give you

🔐🔐'Universal' keys to success! 🔐🔐

So as you can see we are no ordinary team! 



Three women who collectively have traversed across these fields:
Authors, speakers, business strategists, restaurant owners, retail businesses, coaches, healers, retreat facilitators, corporate mentors, internationally acclaimed psychic & mediums & creators of multi 6 figure online businesses.

🥂Each one of them has reached the top of whatever field they entered.
🥂Each one of them has excelled at what they chose to focus on.
🥂Each one of them has immense business experience.
🥂Each one of them has the desire to see other women succeed.

"It's not their individual stories, (Oh and believe me there are stories!) you will hear them as you get to know them.

It's the unique combination of all 3!  Three successful women partnered to empower more women via FEM than they can do individually.

These 3 women have faced extreme pressures and complex life challenges.....they have also risen above those challenges to become individually successful.  The unique essence of 'The FEM Experience' is taking each strong personality and how they work together to bring to you the best of each others experience.

Individually each woman has been a significant mentor in many different business arenas. 

The FEM Team has taken that , automated it, put a business package around it to ACCELERATE the impact to more women .... its like being mentored by 3 super women .. philosophy , science, corporate, healing, psychic, digital & online business  .... we challenge you to find any collective group with these experiences and skills to realise the Future You" .......

So when F.E.M. states we are going to take 1,000 women to financial freedom by Dec 2020 you can bet we mean it!! 💥

🏆Align yourself with women who are going places and getting things done!

🏆Align yourself with women who are not afraid of showing their power!

🏆Align yourself with women that embrace both the quantum world and the world of business!

🏆Align yourself with women that have insight beyond what is considered the norm!

🏆Align yourself with SUCCESS 👑

More Comments From Our Students!

"If you don't figure out how to make money in your sleep , you will work until you die."
..............Warren Buffet
A comprehensive and exciting program designed to unleash your gifts, and launch your entrepreneurial life and unleash your online business in 7 sessions! 
This Is What You Get...
The FEM Experience
This 7 day Experience will take you from where you are right now and give you the tools, mindset, training and techniques to really start to create an amazing business for yourself!  Even if you don't know what to do!

We are so excited to see you succeed!  'The FEM Experience' will give you an amazing start to setting up your future.

What You Will Get!

  • Processes to identify and release blocks and resistance to wealth & success!
  • Incredible releasing & activation meditation!
  • A Quantum Leap technique to radically create success in your life!
  • 5 senses goal setting process to get clear on what you want to achieve!
  • ​Process to find out what your brand is already in others eyes.
  • Tools to gather colour HEX codes of other brands.
  • ​Colour wheel process to find your perfect brand colours
  • Opportunity to design your own logo.
  • Crafting your Epiphany Bridge Story.
  • ​Millionaire Mindset techniques & delving into the Traits to embody as a successful entrepreneur.
  • The opportunity and process to gain your money back you paid to do the course online for homework.
  • ​A converting sales funnel for yourself and video on how to edit it to suit your brand and style.
  • ​Training on social media ads.
  • ​Passion process to find out what you will do with unlimited income.
  • ​Special bonus offer of a unique way to generate unlimited income online!
Super Cool Bonus #1

With The FEM Experience, once you have completed it you get the opportunity via a personal link coded to you, to share the funnel.

For every person that signs up to do The FEM Experience you will get your own unique affiliate link.  This uniquely coded link will track back to you and each time you share it you can generate an income online.

You will get 60% commission paid to you just by sharing!

Yes! thats right you get 60% each time someone signs up from the link you share. 

So if you love it and want to share it with the world DO IT!!!
Super Cool Bonus #2

Achieving The Rich Dad Mindset!

Abundant thinking is a form of positive thinking. It is about creating a mindset of positive values that allow you to perceive your life as one of abundance, not one of deficit. It teaches you to flip your mental attitude coin from negative to positive and appreciate how much you have in your life to be grateful for.
Super Cool Bonus #3

"Finally! Discover How to Master Instagram to Reach a HUGE and Incredibly Engaged Audience"

Here’s what you’ll Get:

Instagram Marketing Secrets E-Book
Point-By-Point Checklist
Resource Cheat Sheet
10 series of tutorial videos

That is everything you need to unleash your Entrepreneurial Goddess and start to make an impact on your life and others!
Get your Package Now for this incredible price....
  • ​'The FEM Experience training (valued at $1,997) 
  • ​​Awaken Your True Calling (valued at $29.97)
  • ​​​Abundant Thinking E-Book (valued at $29.97)
  • ​​​Insta Secrets Marketing Package (valued at $497)
  • ​​The Affiliate Opportunity to create an income with FEM (priceless)

VALUED AT  $2,553

limited time offer!
Get Started NOW!

"I’ve just completed the FEM 7-Day Experience! Wow! It was one of the best things I have participated in all year, and definitely the best value for money and time. It was engaging, inspiring, motivating and empowering. These three ladies know their content! And are so generous in the way they are sharing it and supporting each and everyone of us through it. Follow your intuition and step into this opportunity. The impact it has had on me, and will continue to have is brilliant! Thank you FEM Ladies!"

...................Karen S.A.

OK! I get it.
You want a sneak peak!

This is how it rolls out each day!

  • INTRO VIDEO: A personal welcome each day from 'The FEM Team' explaining what that lesson is and who is taking it.
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL: The full video tutorial for that day, with captions for the hearing impared
  • INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION: For those that like a text version of the lesson this one is totally unique, just click on it to see the magic
  • ​EXERCISE: Each days exercises explained for you
  • ​FACEBOOK GROUP:  The FEM Team will welcome you into the FB group and every couple of days go live in there to touch base and see how people are progressing and if there is any questions.

Day #1

What if you could develop a process where every time a limiting fear or doubt popped up you could CRUSH IT!

Unleash that fearless entrepreneur and learn how to master your mind, steel your resolve, & launch fearlesly into the future!

Day one you will learn how to over come all your blocks to abundance, all your fears of success and (every other thing that pops up) 

Powerful processes and content in this day to set you up for massive success!

Day #2

OK so we got all that mind chaos out of the way, you feel like an entrepreneurial warrior ready to take on your future.

But until you set massive 5 dimensional goals how are you going to know if you are heading in the right direction?

In this lesson you set a five senses, future paced goal and send a massive message to the Universe of where you are heading.

Then you will learn the science behind a 'Fast Hack To Success' called Quantum Leaping! The results of this technique are life changing!

Day #3

NOW your mindset & goals are all sorted!
Ready to launch into the entrepreneurial world!
What about your BRAND, what about the way the world percieves you is it 'on point'? Or is it just a by product of you doing you?
You already have a brand wether you know it or not, so lets find out what it is. If you love it amplify if not change it!

This is a big day so be prepared you will cover, your brand, your brand style, your brand voice. Your brand colours and how to hack any brand you love and get the exact colours. Your logo and how to get one in minutes! How to create VIRAL MEMES for your brand that people want to share around! Your origin story and your epiphany bridge story!

Day #4

Developing the Millionaire Mindset, Nicole takes you through an inspiring process to develop the mindset of millionaires.  Once you open to receive with out restrictions the abundance can flow to you!

We also show you on day #4 how to create the money you paid to do the FEM Experience back in a day online!

Humans have over 4,000 traits! Entrepreneurs have similar traits in common.  
Find out what the best entrepreneurial traits are and take an interactive experience to find out what your traits are.  
Develop new ones, release old ones that no longer serve you. Be inspired by the stories you will hear, realise how inspiring you are.

Day #5

There are two significant tools you need to succeed in the Entrepreneurial world!

An amazing funnel and the social media marketing skills to get that funnel in front of the right people!

On day #5 we look at these two areas. You will get a funnel for yourself a video tutorial to tweak and design it for yourself & a full social media training.

This is the essentials to success online!

Day #6

We are taking you now further than you can imagine and preparing you for day #7 where it all comes together!

Today we will focus on your passions, what would you do when money is no object! When you have an online vehicle taking you to massive success.
Completely shift your thinking about your Passions in Life, be prepared to shift what you thought you knew about your passions. 
This is where you unlock the philanthropist within, and we are going to show you how to make it all happen!

Well Day #7 Is Something REALLY Special
so you will have to join us to find out about that one!


We can't wait to work with you to help you get started on a new and exciting future!
You have nothing to lose in this incredible training, we help you achieve success and launch into a new exciting future.

So Now Is The Time For You To Shine....
Take 'The FEM Experience'
& create a new life!
"We are looking forward to working with you and helping you create the most magnificent future for yourself and your family.  We are certain that this will help change your life and launch you into creating an automated entrepreneurial business, allowing you to live life on your terms!"

Ferne, Debbie & Nicole

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!

  • ​'The FEM Experience training (valued at $1,997)          
  • ​Awaken Your True Calling  (valued at $29.97)
  • ​Abundant Thinking E-Book  (valued at $29.97)              
  • ​Insta Secrets Marketing Package   (valued at $497) 
  • ​The Affiliate Opportunity to create an income with FEM (priceless)
  • ​Value  ($3,553)
Total Value: $2,553 


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